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Suspension Service and Tuning

A motorcycle's suspension is the foundation for the ride quality and handling of the motorcycle. Modern suspension components are highly tunable and very sophisticated, but their basic concept of design is very simple; Support the motorcycle with springs and use hydraulic (oil) damping to control the speed at which the motorcycle compresses the spring, as well as the speed at which the spring bounces back.

However, suspension components require proper setup and regular maintenance to perform as they are intended to.

At Moto Station, our goal is to offer our customers the service, components and knowledge to achieve the best suspension system possible. We work on and have experience with all brands, makes and models of forks and shocks.

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Motorcycle Suspension

GP Suspension USA

GP Suspension has a mission to give you the most confident motorcycle, the best lap times and the most comfortable ride for your specific Moto.


For over 20 years K-Tech have built on their incredible success in global road racing and motocross championships, constantly evolving and providing championship winning products.


From the Baja 1000 to the MotoGP paddock, 100% of Öhlins products for the aftermarket benefit from this commitment to racing excellence.


Founded in 1987, Race Tech made an immediate impact in the field of suspension. Many of their theories were considered quite radical at the time but are now considered foundational in suspension theory.

Fork and Shock Fluid Changes

If you do one thing to your suspension please do this. Suspension components take a lot of abuse from impacts from the road or trail, heat friction, contamination, etc. When oil is dirty or breaks down, your suspension loses its damping ability and can accelerate wear on internal components as well as affect the ride quality and motorcycle's handling characteristics.

Whether on the street, trail or race track; fresh and clean suspension fluid is paramount to a healthy suspension system.

Basic to Advanced Suspension Setup

The other part of getting a suspension system that works for you is setup. "Setup" means tuning the way the suspension components behave and their effect on chassis geometry in a way that matches your riding style and preferences. We rely on our many years of racing experience and partnerships with national-level suspension tuners to offer custom setup services ranging from basic sag measurements to spring rate and geometry adjustments, even to full custom suspension valving.

Will Not Void Your Factory Warranty

Federal law prohibits manufacturers from requiring the service work be accomplished by their dealers only. With any warranty situation, you are only required to demonstrate that the manufacturer’s required maintenance has been performed. We stand behind our quality of service, and will warranty any labor performed at our workshop. Our service team is highly trained and has the best tooling necessary to get the job done right the first time.

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