Engine Break-In

Dyno Service

Engine Break-In Service

This process allows control of load, heat cycling, throttle input and RPM while using the dyno, fans and sensors to monitor and regulate conditions during the break-in procedure. We collect tuning information throughout the process, control temperatures and inspect for oil leaks, faults or stresses. Tuning adjustments are made during cool down periods and evaluated as the process proceeds.

The end result is a full tune done in a controlled environment (as opposed to being stuck in traffic), you don't have to deal with an out of tune/glitchy bike during the break-in period. Some break-in is still required after this process but the critical period is over and the remaining break-in is done in a tuned state.

Dynometer engine break-in allows us to control every aspect of the engine break in process, temperature, load and RPMs, to ensure the optimum engine life and performance.

It's the best way to get the most out of your new engine.