Moto Express Brake Service

Brake Pads Changed While You Wait

We recognize that the riding season in Utah is short; too short to have to wait for the next available open appointment. That's why we created the Moto Express. Just give us a call as we only have so many slots per day and we'll change your brake pads while you wait.

Brake Pads and Brake Bleeding

Whether you are riding up East Canyon, trail riding at Knolls or heading to a trackday at Miller Motorsports Park, your brakes matter. We carry a huge selection of Galfer brake pads in multiple compounds to make sure we have the best brake pads to suit your riding needs.

Included in every brake pad installation is a full brake system inspection and cleaning. This is a service that very few shops offer, but through our experience, we've found that it's the only way to ensure you're getting the best possible brake performance.

Will Not Void Your Factory Warranty

Federal law prohibits manufacturers from requiring the service work be accomplished by their dealers only. With any warranty situation, you are only required to demonstrate that the manufacturer’s required maintenance has been performed. We stand behind our quality of service, and will warranty any labor performed at our workshop. Our service team is highly trained and has the best tooling necessary to get the job done right the first time.

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