Dyno Service

Dyno Service

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Dynomometer Engine Tuning

The simplest way to look at the internal combustion engine is to think of it as an air pump. The more air it is capable of pumping at any given time, the more power it will make. To get the most energy out of that air relies on accurate metering of fuel to that air.

The exhaust system is the largest, single, variable influence on how the motor processes air, the shape of the VE graph and tuning requirements. The dynamic parts are typically RPM, throttle position and load (including wind, tire pressure, terrain, gearing and luggage). Ignition requirements are dictated by engine design properties such as exhaust (how much heat is retained), cam profiles, piston/combustion chamber shape, piston/head clearance (quench/squish), cylinder pressures, RPM limits, fuel quality and intended use.

Our Most Popular Dyno Service

One of our most popular dyno services is the basic, base-line run. Base-line runs allow you to see exaclty how your engine is performing, what the air/fuel ratio is and most importantly, how much power it makes.

Our Base-Line Dyno Run includes three power runs and comes with a computer printout detailing your engines performace. Prices start at $150. Contact us for more deatails »